Feed His Sheep (SATB and piano download/listen)



Feed My Sheep from “His Gifts of Love“, a collection of inspirational choral music by Susan M. Zeller.  For chorus and piano.  Download it here for for $2.00 each. Copyright stickers will be sent upon receipt of payment. LDS choir sheet music, hymn arrangements, piano and voice solo music is at this site. feed sheep choir sheet music hymn arrangements piano

Also available with the instrument.  If you plan on performing this with an instrument then order the version listed here as SATB, piano, and instrument.  Any optional solo obbligato instrument may be requested.  Choose your instrument when placing the order. 

This is the hard version with several modulations.

To print, click here: Feed His Sheep oboe score transposed – satb piano

To listen, click here: (this is with oboe)