A Promised Land, The Land….

An LDS Book of Mormon geography book with maps is available. 

A Promised Land, The Land of Promise uses the “Book” to show The Book of Mormon geography  evidence, land, map, DNA, definitive, and true facts along with prophetic statements.  This book is in contradiction to all other published books on the subject of  geography.  The limited geography which others purport is in opposition to the revealed word.  This book is a large geographic setting like no other setting available.  The Book of Mormon geography, A Promised Land, The Land of Promise, is one of our books.  Virginia Eliason was inspired with this geography, here organized into a book.  A definitive and accurate scripture based statement and treatment of geography as it was in The Book of Mormon days, including many maps detailing exact locations, backed up by prophetic statements and the book itself.  All of the most prominent locations of  The Book of Mormon lands can be and are located here. 

Several maps are available for downloading here.

It is interesting to note that since Alpha Publishing first published this book and map in 1986, NO ONE (except several of the general authorities), agreed with it.  Now with overwhelming evidence from DNA and other scientific and archaeological evidence, others have begun to promote a new scenario for a setting in America which has shown this book to be the first and most accurate.  

Many now have agreed with it and most members who look at the limited Mesoamerican ruins or see what some have espoused, to have it limited to a few hundred miles of land around the great lakes or just mid-America, but as Joseph Smith said, from coast to coast as he knew the two oceans.  In reality most now recognize that as the prophets have spoken, the United States is where the Nephites lived as Hugh Nibley has always also said (including in the church Sunday School manual from the 1960’s).   This one map is still the only correct geography.  Most everyone who has purported other wise have been defenseless when they have spoken or written to me. 

The Promised Land, The Land of Promise, the narrow neck of land, Zarahemla, Cumorah, Bountiful, and all other main cities are definitively located.  No other geographical version can plot all this without numerous conflicts that they cannot explain.  There are no disputations or contradictions using this map.

This Book of Mormon geography book uses the book itself as evidence with prophetic statements to show the geography of  The Book of Mormon.  YES the brethren have spoken, unfortunately most scholars and others have ignored what they have said.  NOT HERE! 

There is a FREE download at this site of the appendix which lists and documents the undisputed known facts about the geography.