A Promised Land, The Land of Promise (book of mormon geography book order by mail)


Book of Mormon geography and map evidence and DNA facts



The book of Mormon geography book with maps and information on DNA evidence is written with prophetic quotes and text from the book.  The book titled, A Promised Land, The Land of Promise uses The Book of Mormon to locate the lands and cities and all geography.  Thru this book and prophetic statements we definitively locate most everything; evidence, land, map, DNA, definitive information, and true facts.   With its appendices and maps you will see and realize why this is the number one book about the geography of the Book of Mormon. promised land promise map book mormon geography www.thebookofmormongeography.com

The map in this book is the only one that hung in the church offices for over 20 years.

FREE download of the basic indisputable facts listed in the Appendix of the book:

apendix 1

Available by mail for $15.00  here.  $2.00 for handling.  $3.00 postage. $20.00 total.

you can download sample maps at this site or order the full size wall map.